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What are the differences between Sputtered film and Ceramic film?


Oct 11, 2023

Here are the differences between Sputtered film and Ceramic film

Here is how Convenstional & Nano Ceramic window film rejects Heat.

Nano Ceramic is the most trending window film; its technology blocks heat via "absorption" while retaining it in the glass.

When driving, this can help to achieve good heat rejection because the air flow helps to cool off the glass.

But this may not be the best choice when you are stuck in a traffic jam or at a static while keeping the engine running. As the heat builds up in the windscreen, it will eventually seep into the interior of the vehicle.

Now Sputtered film is the evolvement from Nano Ceramic films.

A major breakthrough in window film technology is that Sputtered films no longer require heat retention in the glass to block heat.

Solor heat will immediately be reflected away when it hits our Sputtered film.

Hence, you won't feel the stuffy heat even when you have parked under hot sun for hours.

Without needing to blast the air conditioner, your vehicle can drop to normal cooling temperature within 60 seconds.

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