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What is Sputtered film?


Oct 11, 2023

All about Sputtered window film.

Window tinting offers a multitude of advantages, whether you require it for your home, car, workplace, or even your boat. Quality window tinting can make a significant difference, and in this article, we aim to introduce you to one of the most advanced window tinting methods available: sputtered film. We'll provide insight into its numerous benefits and why it's a top-tier product that we endorse and install. It's a product that you simply cannot afford to overlook.

What Is Sputtered Film?

Not all window films are created equal, as there are various methods for manufacturing and applying them. Ultimately, the key factor is the quality of window tinting, and sputter window films excel in this regard. Sputtered film tinting is a type of window film crafted from metal alloys. These alloys are combined in a vacuum chamber with various gases and then applied to the window. Different alloys can be utilized in the production of these films, some lighter and some heavier, each offering distinct effects or tints.

The metal layer in the film is exceptionally fine, resulting in a generally lighter finish. Thanks to this fine quality, sputtered film is highly effective in blocking radiation bands originating from direct sunlight sources. As a result, sputtered film provides a subtler finish, devoid of the visible reflective covering often found in some other window tints.

How Is Sputtered Film Manufactured?

Sputtering technology is employed through a fascinating fabrication process that involves the use of a specialized vacuum chamber. Without delving into excessive technicalities, this process employs electromagnetic fields to propel ions towards the metal using gases like Argon. These ions dislodge groups of atoms in short bursts, evenly spreading them across the film's surface. This even distribution and fine layer application contribute to the quality of this window tinting method. Although the process is intricate, it grants experts a high degree of control over the film's application and finish.

The Benefits of Quality Window Tinting

One of the primary advantages of sputtered film is its sun control properties, which offer protection against harsh UV rays and heat from the sun. These films effectively reflect solar heat, thus contributing to a cooler environment. Sputtered window tinting also safeguards against the fading of plastic, leather, and various materials.

Our 'High Performance Line' of sputtered film allows for increased privacy, and you can choose your preferred tint percentage, ranging from 5% to 65%. Sputtered film is highly customizable, making it a perfect fit for your vehicle. It's no wonder sputtered film is gaining popularity; it represents the epitome of quality window tinting. This product enhances your well-being and that of your family.

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