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Great Alternative to a Tesla!

Here is a 3-Wheeled solar powered vehicle called Aptera. This next-generation EV has running range from 250 miles to 1000 miles depending on your configuration. It has a solar panels that charges upto 40 miles a day so if you drive under 40 miles, you never have to plug it in.

Their basic 25 Kwh battery, or 250 miles range, starts at $25,900 and the battery is so small that you can charge it on 110v outlet in few hours. The Aptera designer was inspired by Tesla and it shares many similarity with Model 3 and Y in terms of its technology. It even uses Tesla charging plugs. It is schedule to be released in end of 2023.

We here at Velocity has one on order and we have an order number 700. There are roughly 30,000 orders at this point and we are very excited to see this in person, soon!.

Use the referral code below to receive $30 off from Aptera pre-order.

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